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Term of the month: C as in campus

Are the buildings of the University of St.Gallen situated in various places in St.Gallen or only on the Rosenberg?


The term "campus" denotes the HSG's whole University area. It is located in St.Gallen’s Rotmonten quarter and borders on the Rosenberg quarter. The campus centre is made up of the cluster of buildings designed by the Basel architects Walter Förderer, Rolf G. Otto and Hans Zwimpfer, as well as the Library Building by the architect Bruno Gerosa.

All the teaching, institute and office buildings are only a few minutes’ walking distance apart. The campus has good public transport connections but can be reached from the main railway station within about 15 minutes.

From the town to the Rosenberg
When the University of St.Gallen was established as a Commercial Academy in 1898, it rented premises in the west wing of the Burggraben Cantonal School. In 1911, it moved to a new building in Notkerstrasse 20. 52 years later, the then St.Gallen Graduate School moved to the Rosenberg, where it has been to the present day. The then new building by Förderer, Otto and Zwimpfer had been designed for 900 students. In 1989, the HSG inaugurated the Library Building. Together, the two main complexes provided room for 3,500 students.

The existing University buildings were totally renovated, structurally adapted and inaugurated with a capacity for 5,000 students in 2011. Besides new teaching premises, an underground car park, a new, big restaurant and a modern triple sports hall with a wide variety of sports facilities were built on the campus. Also, the teaching premises were technically updated and adapted to contemporary forms of teaching.

In 2013, the University of St.Gallen took the Tellstrasse 2 property near the main railway station into operation, and in 2014 opened provisional premises on the campus, the so-called Teaching Pavilion. Thus the present campus capacity is for 5,000 students.

Executive Campus HSG
Participants in executive education courses have attended their seminars in the Executive Campus HSG ever since 1995. Previously, executive education courses took place in the same building as the regular lectures. In 2008, the Executive Campus HSG was extended by an additional seminar wing and a seminar hotel with 54 rooms.